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Increasing Product Awareness

No matter how your business operates, whether in a competetive market, or a more niche product or service, selling oneline is a key way of increasing both product sales and brand awareness.

Google's Search Engine averages 40,000 searches every second, with 15% of those never being searched before. So, regardless of physical location, this gives every single business the opportunity to flourish, creating a plaform for potential to find you!

Get People On Your Site

For every website we build, we impliment basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques that are designed to help improve your natural ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Furthermore, for any business who operate using an online store, we strongly encourage implimenting a Social Media presence, Hard-Copy Advertising and Google AdWords to compliment and promote your store.

Some of the platforms we use

For E-Commerce websites we use three platforms. Each platform has benefits and disadvantages and therefore the platform we use for our clients depends on what best suits their needs.

  • Shopify

    The Shopify Platform is what we promote as the platform of choice to most of our clients who have a large product range and don’t have a particular preference of platform. The reason for this is it that as it was created in 2004 it is built for the modern market and integrate with other services like accounting software, warehousing and logistic services.
  • Magento

    The Magento platform has become what we view as the traditional platform for large online businesses. It integrates well with major services and has developed into the platform of choice for large businesses.
  • WooCommerce

    This platform is an E-Commerce plugin from WordPress and is fantastic for smaller businesses who are selling a limited product range and want to manage/maintain their own site.

Case Study: Rohner Australia

Breaking down borders of entry into the Australian market.

Leading European footwear company Rohner Advanced Socks™ approached us to develop the online operation in the Australian Market.
The Australian based E-Commerce store is built on the Shopify™ platform and offers a wide range of footwear products. Deka Studio currently manages the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and marketing for the Australian operations.

Visit: Rohner Australia

- Karl Lion

“Deka Studio has provided extensive knowledge and was key to our international expansion strategy. Through their advices and technical capacities we were able to implement and fully deploy our web-shop in a record time.”


Give Consumers A Place To Find You

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