Informative Websites, For Any Possible Purpose

The Hub Of Your Digital Presence.

Your website should act as the hub for your digital network, directing traffic between your site and any other platforms that your business uses. These platforms often include things Social Media Channels, Blogs, Email Campaigns and other Digital Services. The key here is to direct traffic to where you want them to go.

Develop Your Brand Awareness

Online is where potential customers will go to find out about your business and engage with the products and services your provide. Thanks mostly to Google's Search Engine, people have the ability to search for a product or service that they desire and if your business' website is relevant and of high quality, there is a good chance they will find you.

Ranking well in Google doesn’t happen over-night, however by incorporating modern standards that compliment Google's Search Engine, we give you the foundations required to rank well in a competitve market.

Create A Point Of Contact

One of the biggest advantages of having a website is creating two-way dialogue between you and your customers, opening up communication and increasing the potential for new business. For this to be a reality, Your website needs to be so simple to navigate that people feel as though it is easier to contact you than continuind to search elsewhere.

Your website should assert your brands identity and detail your products and services, while also operating as a space for customers to be able to contact you directly.

Some of the platforms we use

For Informative Websites we usually construct using either WordPress or HTML5 coding. Like the E-Commerce platforms, each platform has its advantages and disadvantages, so depending on the purpose of your site will determine which platform is better for you.

  • WordPress

    This platform was first released in 2003 mainly as a create-your-own Blogging page. Since then it has evolved into what is probably the most user-friendly informative website development tool of the twenty-first century. One of the biggest advantages of using a WordPress platform, is that once it has been ‘torn-apart’ and put back together to represent your website, it is relatively simple and easy enough for you to maintain yourself!
  • HTML 5

    Building using HTML5 is what we believe is the best way to build any informative website. The reason we say this is because when you use platforms to build your website, it’s like Google needs to visit that platforms library, find your site and then read it. By creating your website using HTML5 code, your website (or book as you might like to call it) is there, ready for Google to read, making it very fast and responsive. The element that detracts many businesses from creating a code-driven website is that it is written in code and therefore not very easy to update/maintain in-house. If you are considering what platform to use simply ask yourself two basic questions: How often are you going to want to make changes/updates to your website? And are your wanting to make those changes yourself?

Case Study: Auto Comfort

Driving new business through the reach of Google.

Auto Comfort approached us to develop them a webpage that would help them compete in the modern market where people are constantly looking for products and services online. What we proposed was to build an informative site for them that had a sole purpose of attracting specifically people looking for their service. As a small-to-medium business the focus was creating a place where people could find their service.

Their new site took approximately 4 weeks to build and launch and they now have a fully-responsive, mobile-friendly webpage that is integrated with all of their Social Media and Emailing accounts. We structured the page so that it would be ‘Google Friendly’ and connected both Google Analytics and AdWords so that they have the ability to promote and track, traffic throughout their website.

Visit: Auto Comfort

- Adam Witbooi

“For anybody trying to increase their business profile, sales, image and presence online, I wouldn't recommend anyone else. They have done wonders for our business and getting our name out there. Thank you.”


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